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Employee Well-being in Work & Organisational Psychology (EWWOP) Lab

Lab Overview

Given the significant portion of our lives dedicated to work, the matter of employee well-being in the workplace requires an ever-increasing attention, aiming not only to prevent ill-health but also to actively promote well-being in our everyday lives.

At the Employee Well-being in Work & Organisational Psychology (EWWOP) Lab, we focus on applying rigorous research methods and principles in Work & Organisational Psychology with the goal of exploring and testing fruitful avenues in improving well-being outcomes in the world of work.

To find out more about this lab, please contact Dr. Michelle Cleveland and Dr. Jacques Ding.

Key Staff

Michelle Cleveland

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

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Jacques Ding Zee Chien

Lecturer in Work and Organisational Psychology

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Current Projects

Michelle is currently working with colleagues from the University of Winchester on a project funded by the Department for Transport (DfT) to understand how transport, in particular e-transport, can tackle loneliness. The intention of this research is to contribute to the recruitment and retention of volunteers through an understanding of the psychological principles underlying their experiences.

Jacques is currently collaborating with an international team of academics, both from within the University of Chichester and abroad, on several projects covering a range of topics. These projects include examining the impact of leadership impression management on employee well-being, exploring the spillover effects in leader-follower relationships and assessing the efficacy of well-being micro-interventions at work.

Available Participation Opportunities

We welcome anyone with a keen interest in exploring the field of Work & Organisational Psychology and its role in enhancing workplace well-being.

Whether you are a novice researcher as an undergraduate student or an aspiring academic as a PhD candidate, we welcome your involvement in our lab.

If you would like to participate in our lab, please contact Dr. Michelle Cleveland and Dr. Jacques Ding.

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