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Lab Overview

The Human Attention Laboratory (HAL) focuses on investigating the potential of techniques such as gaze behaviour (i.e., eye tracking), high-density electrophysiological recording (i.e., EEG), optical imaging (i.e., fNIRS), and interventional methods (i.e., tDCS) to better understand how different contexts (e.g., high pressure, task monotony) influence an individual's ability to maintain focus and/or perform during cognitively demanding tasks (e.g., competitive esports, active lifeguarding).

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Key Staff

Benjamin T. Sharpe

Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology, Programme Coordinator for the BSc Criminology and Forensic Psychology, and Academic Board Member

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Emmanuel Obine

Lecturer in Psychology (Student Experience)

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Current Projects

  • Sharpe, B. T., Leis, O., Moore, L., Obine, E. A. C., Sharpe, A., Seymour, S., & Poulus, D. The Influence of Reappraisal and Mindset on Pressurised Esport Action Performance. Stress & Health.
  • Sharpe, B. T., Sharpe, A., King, R., & Gladwin, T. Effects of Combining Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation and Arousal Reappraisal on Pressurised Esport Performance.
  • Sharpe, B. T. & Smith, M. Influence of Vigilance Performance on Lifeguard Gaze Behaviour.
  • Sharpe, B. T., Smith, M., Williams, S. C. R., Talbot, J. & Smith, J. A Comparison of a Real-world and an Animated Lifeguard Environment.
  • Griffith, O. & Sharpe, B. T. Investigating Psychological Disparities Across Gamers: A Genre-Based Study.
  • Sharpe, B. T., & Hale, B. J. Sustaining Student Vigilance: The Effectiveness of Micro-Breaks in a Classroom Setting.
  • Ritchie, L., & Sharpe, B. T. Gaze Behaviour of a Cellist: From Sight-Reading to Performance.

Available Participation Opportunities

Dr Benjamin Sharpe is actively looking for motivated individuals to supervise for PhD programmes on topics related, but not limited to, cognition, sustained attention (vigilance), performance breakdowns under pressure, scene perception, drowning detection, esports.

Please review the following link for fees - postgraduate tuition fees - and then contact Benjamin if interested.

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