Child and Adolescent Socio-Emotional Development Lab

We conduct research primarily focussed on emotional, cognitive and social development across childhood and adolescence.

The aim of the majority of the research is to better understand how children and adolescents experience and process social emotion information, what enables them to process and express their emotions, and how this processing relates to wellbeing and learning outcomes. Projects also explore the parameters of the benefits of verbal and nonverbal expression, verbal and nonverbal memory, and art practices on learning and wellbeing.

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Current Projects and Available Participation Opportunities

Mapping mixed emotional development in childhood and adolescence: We are developing a model to describe cognitive and affective skills that underpin mixed emotion understanding and to identity wellbeing correlates of mixed demotion processing.

Comparative validity and benefits of verbal and nonverbal emotional measures of emotion: We are exploring how written, spoken and drawing expression of emotion benefits different children and examine the quantity and types of expression afforded by each mode.

Examining effects of audience authority on children’s drawn and reported expression: This work examines how and why children communicate affective information differently for different audiences.

Identifying influences of pictorial naming on children’s drawing routines: We are examining how children’s typical drawing routines maybe influenced by object knowledge and visual perspective.

Projects in Development

  • Examining self-affirmation and self-esteem in childhood
  • Assessing self-affirmation and STEM subject success
  • Developing measures of gender identity in adolescence
  • Exploring the effectiveness of encoding methods to support prospective
  • memory across the lifespan
  • Developing educational support for at risk students
  • Exploring performance confidence in adolescent footballers

Children’s Drawing Survey

If you would like to take part in a survey sharing your views of emotional communication in children’s drawings please go to the link below to see the survey which usually takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. Thank you in advance for your valuable responses!

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