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Lab for Global Research on Gender, Sexuality and Identity

Lab Overview

Through our psychological community research framework, we aim to inform psychological, social initiatives and policies that aim to enhance the mental health, wellbeing and quality of life for people worldwide, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

We use a variety of research designs and methodologies, such as experiments, correlational studies, and cross-cultural investigations, to explore the complex and evolving experience of gender and sexuality in the society.

To find out more about the centre please contact Dr Moitree Banerjee at m.banerjee@chi.ac.uk.

For specific research inquiries, please contact individual lab members directly.

Key Staff

Moitree Banerjee

Head of Psychology and Criminology / Reader in Clinical Psychology.

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Dr. Valentina Canessa-Pollard

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

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James Stiller

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

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Rylee Spooner

Associate Lecturer in Psychology

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Current Projects

Project UNITE: Understanding, Nurturing, and Inspiring Together for Equality

  1. Identifying key barriers and facilitators of workplace inclusion faced by LGBTQ+ youth.
  2. Development and evaluation of framework for workplace inclusion for LGBTQ+ youth.
  3. Evaluation of interventions to reduce stereotypes and outgroup bias.
  4. Facilitators and Barriers of Mental Health in LGBTQ+ Children and Young People in the West Sussex region.
  5. Recommendations for Education Institutions for Enhancing LGBTQ+ Children and Young People Inclusion.

Available Participation Opportunities

We are actively looking for PhD students on topics related to minority inclusion and equitable society initiatives.

Seeking LGBTQ+ charity organisations for co-creation of workplace inclusion framework through focus group discussions with LGBTQ+ youth.

Seeking LGBTQ+ youth (16-26 years old) for invitations in focus groups to discuss facilitators and barriers of workplace inclusion.

Recent Past Projects

  • Successful bid application for Mental health needs and risks assessment for LGBTQ+ children and young people. This project was funded by the West Sussex County Council and the results will be published in the Council’s Public Mental Health Needs and Risks report.
  • Rylee Spooner, PhD (in progress): lived experience, prevalence, and perceptions of identity abuse within queer romantic relationships.

Lab Members and Faculty Collaborators

  • Chloe Silcox
  • Bryony Mahoney
  • Alissa Hadley
  • Ashton Waterman
  • Rose Coleman

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