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Social Policy Research Degrees

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Taking your research in social policy to the next level

Research in social policy makes a fundamental contribution to social justice and building inclusive societies. Our work is highly regarded, both nationally and internationally, and covers a wide range of different areas across social work, social care, childhood, health, and innovative qualitative methodologies.

 In studying for a PhD or MPhil at the University of Chichester you will build an original research project and make a unique contribution to the field. To support your research journey, you will be given an expert supervision team, and be able to take advantage of a vibrant and supportive research environment, with regular research cafes, student research summits, and an annual research conference.

The PhD in social policy is linked to the Centre for Excellence in Childhood, Inclusion and Society and the Centre for Workforce Development.

Upon completing your studies, you will have developed a systematic understanding of your chosen field of study, along with analytical and communication skills that can be deployed in a wide variety of different professional contexts.

Browse our qualified research staff to get in touch below, or, for general enquiries, please contact our Research Degree Coordinator for Social Work and Social Policy, Dr Sandra Lyndon at: s.lyndon@chi.ac.uk.


Our Supervisors

Browse our staff profiles to explore our research specialisms

Professor Kish Bhatti-Sinclair

Professor of Social Work and Social Policy; Strategic Head of Social Work and Social Care

Renowned for work on social work, race and racism, my research interests revolve around ethnically sensitive research methodologies and theories, such as modern racism, which test discriminatory attitudes and behaviours.

Dr Steven Donbavand

Senior lecturer in Sociology

I would be interested in supervising PhD projects which have a strong sociological angle to them. My own research has previously been on inclusion, alienation and inequality. My current research is on how we create, agree, and contest meaning in social settings and I am studying the creation of meaning within games as part of this.

Dr Andre Kurowski

Senior Lecturer in Childhood

My research interests include include the social and cultural aspects of childhood and education, and management and leadership.

Dr Sandra Lyndon

Reader in Childhood and Social Policy

My research interests include poverty, homelessness, widening participation, supporting well-being in young children, intergenerational practice, and narrative methodologies. I would be interested in supervising students in any of the above, or related areas.

Dr Eva Mikuska

Senior Lecturer in Childhood

My national research seeks to broaden current views on early childhood education and care by examining the importance of graduate skills and professionalisation of the sector. My international projects investigate the impact of the pre-school curriculum for young children, ethnic minority rights, and the importance of using children’s home language.

Dr Denise Turner

Operational Head of Social Work

My work has examined several PhD theses in the areas of professional wellbeing, digital practices and aspects of bereavement and loss. I am particularly interested in supervising projects utilising creative methodologies.

Dr Suzanna McGregor

Liaison Tutor

My areas of interest for supervision include social policy, food banks and ethnography.

Dr Carol Lloyd

Senior Lecturer in Humanistic Counselling

I have researched the power of creative arts in healing within palliative care and continue to be involved in creative projects.

Application Process

If you are interested in applying for a PhD in Social Policy you should first contact Sandra Lyndon, Research Degree Coordinator in Social Policy via email at s.lyndon@chi.ac.uk.

Academic staff will then advise on the availability of research supervision, along with next steps.


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