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Homestay Host Family (short courses only)

Homestay Host Families

All Homestay properties have been inspected by a representative of the Accommodation Office.

Hosts are local people who have a spare room in their home and enjoy having students staying with them.

They could be a family with children, a widow, a single person or an older couple whose children have left home. 

No more than two students can stay with a host at any one time.

There are limited host families available in the Chichester area; most hosts live within a 4 mile radius of our Bognor Regis Campus.

The University offers a subsidised, frequent bus service between the University sites.

Students have their own room and room sharing is not permitted. It is a very popular option with students who are not residents in the UK and/or who may be looking to improve their English language skills.

It is important that the landlord provides you with a rent book which both parties sign each time money changes hands so that payment of rent is recorded. If you pay weekly, you should give your host one week’s notice if you wish to leave.

If you pay monthly, you should give your host a month’s notice. We therefore recommend you pay weekly initially until you are settled and happy. 

Under no circumstances should you pay a whole semester’s rent in advance unless you are certain you want to stay.  Refunds can be hard to obtain. 

Occasionally, you may be asked to pay a deposit when renting a room and many hosts will require a retainer fee or full rental during holiday periods (excluding summer vacation period).

How do I apply?

All homestay accommodation is booked via the Accommodation Office,

If you would like us to reserve this type of accommodation on your behalf, please complete the pre-allocation questionnaire and return this to: 

To find out more about homestay, please read our Homestay leaflet.