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Useful forms

Contributor Release Form

When you submit your film you will be asked to provide Contributor Release Forms for all those who take part in the filming, including interviewees, signed by a parent or guardian if under 18.

Schools, colleges and youth clubs may confirm permissions for this on behalf of their entrants and may wish to add this wording to existing parental photography/media permissions slips to simplify this process.

Individuals or groups of friends applying independently may ask a parent or guardian to complete the form which can be scanned and submitted with your film by the deadline of Friday 30 April 2018.

If you would like to enter but do not have a signed Contributor release form, your own name or image cannot appear in the film or credits.

Location Release Form

If you are filming on private property you should ask the owner’s permission. It is good practice to ask them for consent by completing a Location Release Form.

Materials Release Form

If you include anyone else’s work in your film you should have permission to use it. This includes videos, photographs or music.  Even if it is owned or has been made by a friend, explain what you are doing and ask for their consent. You might ask them to sign a Materials Release Form to show that you are planning everything properly.

The Location Release Form and Materials Release Form are useful templates for your use but you do not have to submit these with your film.