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Gramarye issue 19 is now available to order from our online store.

This issue’s contents include:

  • ‘“The soul and centre!”: morality and death in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld’, Judith Woolf
  • ‘Little Red Riding Hood: A Discourse of Disciplinary Punishment’, Claudia Barnett
  • ‘Once Upon a “Fairy Tale Revolution”: Adapting Canonical Fairy Tales Beyond Happily Ever After’, Michelle Anjirbag-Reeve
  • ‘The Big Tower of Darkness: Haunting Energy in Catherine Linstrum’s Nuclear’, Helena Bacon
  • ‘Amos’, Samantha Mayne
  • ‘Recipe for a Fairy Tale’, Elizabeth Hopkinson
  • ‘Kai at 37’, Jon Stone
  • ‘Kuebiko’, Jon Stone
  • ‘Frog’, Jon Stone
  • ‘Fairy Tale: Winter Strawberries, a Song for Unwanted Children’, Christie Maurer
  • ‘Black Lullaby’, Christie Maurer
  • A review of By the Fire: Sami Folktales and Legends, Victoria Leslie
  • A review of Fantasies of Time and Death: Dunsany, Eddison, Tolkien, Joseph Young
  • A review of Hans Christian Anderson in Russia, B.C. Kennedy
  • A review of Inviting Interruptions: Wonder Tales in the Twenty-First Century, Apolline Weibel
  • A review of Staging Fairyland: Folklore, Children’s Entertainment, and Nineteenth-Century Pantomime, Jonathan Roper
  • A review of Merpeople: A Human History, Victoria Leslie
  • A review of The Arts of Angela Carter: A Cabinet of Curiosities, B.C. Kennedy
  • A review of 101 Middle Eastern Tales and Their Impact on Western Oral Tradition, D.L. Ashliman
  • A review of The Monster Theory Reader, Willem de Blécourt

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