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Gramarye issue 16 is now available to pre-order from our online store.

This issue’s contents include:

‘Benioff and Weiss’s Bleak Midwinter’, Joseph Rex Young
‘In Search of Jenny Greenteeth’, Simon Young
‘Searching for Janet, Queen of the Fairies’, Katherine Langrish
‘“A Fairy, or Else an Insect”: Traditions at Fairy Wells’, Jeremy Harte
‘Five Fairy Tale Poems’, Hasan Alizadeh, with translations by Rebecca Ruth Gould and Kayvan Tahmasebian
‘Whistle (a pantoum)’, Lawrence Wilson
‘The Meeting of Winter and Spring’, Amelia Brown
‘Cuckoo’, Gill Fryzer
A review of The Dragon: Fear and Power, Jacqueline Simpson
A review of Sussex Folk Tales for Children, Paul Quinn
A review of Relief after Hardship: The Ottoman Turkish Model for The Thousand and One Days, Andrew Teverson
A review of Teaching Fairy Tales, Lorenza Gianfrancesco
A review of Irish Gothic Fairy Tales, B.C. Kennedy
A review of Shapeshifters: A History, B.C. Kennedy


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