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The Iris Murdoch Society

The Iris Murdoch Society was inaugurated in New York in 1986. Barbara Stevens Heusel, then a faculty member at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, organised and chaired the inaugural meeting, on December 29, 1986 in New York City, as a special session at the Modern Language Association’s annual conference. It was based at Kingston University until 2016 when it came to the University of Chichester, and is now run by the Research Centre. It has members across the world: academics, general readers and enthusiasts, and those personally connected to Iris Murdoch. It exists to promote her work, further her philosophical vision, and enhance and extend knowledge. There is an active online community connected to the society on Facebook.

The Society originally produced the Iris Murdoch News Letter (up until 2007) and now publishes the peer-reviewed journal Iris Murdoch Review, offering a forum for articles, reviews and notices, and which keeps members of the society informed of new publications, symposia and other news that has a bearing on the life and work of Iris Murdoch and her milieu.

Join the Iris Murdoch Society to:

  • Receive the Iris Murdoch Review on publication
  • Keep up to date with scholarship, new publications, symposia and other information
  • Be entitled to reduced rates for the biennial Iris Murdoch Conferences at Chichester University

Our annual renewal prices remain £20 for UK members, £25 for non-UK members, and £10 for students (anywhere in the world). To become a member please contact

The Iris Murdoch Society’s Privacy Policy

The Iris Murdoch Society will keep personal data that you have submitted for 18 months. We use the data to send you your journal subscription, to tell you about events and publications that might interest you and to send up to two reminders once your membership has elapsed. We will never share your information with a third party. You can request to check what data we are holding about you, and request to be removed from our records entirely, at any time.

If you wish to complain about any aspect of our information rights practice you may do so by contacting the Information Commissioner’s Office. The University of Chichester’s data protection policies can be found on our Policies page.