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Reporting Assault and Unacceptable Behaviour

We know that unacceptable behaviour (such as sexual assault, harassment and bullying, hate crime and discrimination) occurs within the University community.

Sometimes these issues go unreported because those who experience it or witness it are anxious about what will happen or don’t know what to do; sometimes people do not want their identity to be discovered.

The University has approachable, experienced advisers who will offer confidential advice, support and guidance to anyone who discloses any form of unacceptable behaviour. Contact details for our services can be found below.

If you want to remain completely anonymous you can still let us know what happened by using our anonymous reporting facility; it is very important we find out about these incidents so we know the extent of these issues and so we can improve our services and offer better support.

The more we know the better we can be prepared, so please do tell us.

If you have been the victim of a sexual assault please download a copy of our Help and Support after Sexual Assault booklet which we hope you will find valuable.

Information on stalking

How to identify the behaviours associated with stalking

Understanding stalking
This short, animated video from the Alice Ruggles Trust goes through some of the seemingly ‘low risk’ behaviours and encourages people to seek help.

Accessing Support

Who to speak to if you have been a victim

If you have been the victim of an assault, harassment, bullying, hate crime, discrimination or any other unacceptable behaviour you can always seek confidential support by attending a health drop-in or wellbeing triage (please contact help@chi.ac.uk about these) or contacting any of our teams:

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