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Living Expenses

It is important that you ensure you have adequate funds to cover your period of study before applying for admission. 

You should ensure that you have adequate funds to cover other expenses during your period of study. 

We estimate that to cover the cost of other living expenses a single self-supporting student (with no children) should budget for between at least £1000 - £1200 each month for the full academic year 2021-2022 in addition to tuition fees. 

The following is a very generalised breakdown of how your living expenses might be allocated on a monthly basis. This figure is for guidance only; you may find that - depending on your lifestyle - you require more or less. 


  • The United States Student Loan Cost of Attendance figures are on our US loans website. 
  • Student Route visa holders are required to show £1023 per month (outside London) for living costs as part of their visa application.  
Rent on campus £580
Mobile phone £40
Food, laundry and household goods £230
Local travel £45
Insurance (personal) £5
Books, equipment, photocopying, stationery £40
Clothing £45
Socializing/Leisure £110
Miscellaneous (healthcare, etc) £55
Total £1150


Accommodation: This table is based on a single, en-suite self-catered room in a University managed flat or house with a shared kitchen (no more than 6 students). The fee of all utility bills, internet access and contents insurance. Catered rooms are also available.


To help you budget your stay you can look at some UK Supermarket websites to find out how much basic items cost. Here are some Supermarkets you can find in Chichester and Bognor Regis. 

TescoSainsburysMorrisons, LidlAldiIceland, The Cooperative Shop

The British Council Money Budgeting website has lots of useful information for international students on how to make your funds last longer and where to look for extra funding.