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ELT Methodology and Language Development

The programme will provide participants with a background to current issues in English language teaching methodology and seek to improve participants’ knowledge and professional skills in practical pedagogy.

In addition, the programme seeks to develop participants’ English language competence and to increase their confidence and fluency in teaching and other professional activities as well as in social usage.  In addition, teachers will have the option of observing lessons and teaching lessons to British pupils in English schools.

Programme Design

Professional Components Educational Schools Attachment Visits (option)
English Language Teaching Methodology for the Classroom School Attachment Visits to local secondary and primary schools
Professional Language Development for the English as a Medium of Instruction Classroom
Developing Communicative Skills
English Language Teaching Training

Programme Content

We will examine current issues in English language teaching and learning and their theoretical underpinnings and consider the implementation of teaching methodologies in the School English language classroom.  We will focus on skills development, exploring how the processes of writing can be developed in students, the development of students’ reading skills, listening and speaking skills and the development of both fluency and accuracy.

Current approaches in the field of teaching English vocabulary and research in the field of teaching grammar will be explored.  The practical implications for classroom teaching of all these areas will be considered and the programme will consider the ways in which 'communicative' principles can be practically implemented.

The programme will enable the participants to develop their own professional competence as future trainers in the ELT Trainer Training component.  This will involve them in evaluating their current classroom practices as a basis for change and development.  The programme seeks to develop participants’ personal language competence.

Aspects of contemporary English in its socio-cultural context will be examined.  We will also concentrate on the development of English language skills in the language classroom and school classroom management.  Participants will be involved in cultural experiences and come into contact with the wider community in focussed linguistic and cultural encounters.

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Programme Aims

This programme aims to:

  • To examine aspects of contemporary ELT teaching methodology;
  • To develop critical awareness and a conceptual framework of the theoretical underpinning of pedagogic approaches;
  • To consider the use of Information Technology in education;
  • To explore issues concerning English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) Teaching contexts;
  • To focus on developing students’ oral communicative competence and listening skills;
  • To increase participants’ confidence in both their personal and professional use of English.
  • To enable the participants to become confident in their professional use of English in the classroom;
  • To gain an understanding of processes of continuing professional development.
Learning resource centre, Bognor Regis campus

Learning Resource Centre

A range of resources to support you

Our Learning Resources Centre is a whole building dedicated specifically to learning resources, where far from the traditional materials of a library, participants will find resources from and to be used in schools, for every subject and curricular level.

Approaches to Learning

Study in a supportive learning environment

We will use active learning methods, involving practical activities, problem-solving strategies, reflection and developing Critical Thinking strategies.  Our programme will examine examples of good pedagogic practice both in the UK and elsewhere.

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