Visitor Visa

University of Chichester students are permitted to use the Visitor Route to study in these circumstances:

  • Undertake a short course of study up 6 months in duration
  • Study abroad programme /exchange less than 6 months long
  • Undertake period of research or receive research tuition
  • Sit an entrance exam
  • Re-sit or retake a module
  • Take an oral (viva) examination
  • Distance Learning (occasional visits)

Please see the full details and the full list of permitted study under this route on the UKCISA website.

If you are not sure if the type of study you are planning to undertake meets the criteria, please email for advice.


Please note that Visitors are not allowed to work or take part in study related work placements. If you are coming to the UK on an exchange/study abroad programme and you have chosen work placement modules, you must apply for the Student Visa (Student Route).

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