School Attachment Experience

International teachers have the opportunity to take part in a School Attachment / School Practicum Experience and teach content subjects to British school students in British schools.

Participants will therefore play a more significant role in the schools and be treated as experienced professionals able to make a valuable contribution to the educational experience of British school students and be perceived as being as asset to the schools concerned.

Throughout, participants will be supported by mentors and University Link Tutors who will supervise them in schools.

Professional Components
School Teaching Practicum/School Attachment Experience in British Schools
Lesson Planning for Content Teaching Practicum in British Schools
English Language Skills for Professional Communication Purposes-Content Teaching in British Schools

Programme Content

We will develop the practical skills in the classroom to enable participants to plan content lessons and to teach them to British Primary or Secondary school students, examining the different types of lesson that participants will be required to teach in schools.  In addition, we will examine different ways of managing the classroom environment.

We will examine the vocabulary and concepts required to teach specific content subjects in British schools and provide participants with the necessary support to enable them to do this.  Prior to the school practicum, we will provide coverage of the basic outline of the education system in England and Wales, current educational issues, the principles of the UK National Curriculum, the schools to be visited and ensure participants become familiar with standards and testing procedures.

Our training will also introduce key educational vocabulary to assist participants in discussions with teachers in schools.

During the period of school attachment, participants will be engaged in:

  • classroom observation of lessons
  • meeting and talking with teachers and school students
  • observation of teaching and learning
  • team teaching school students
  • individual teaching of lessons to whole classes of British school children
  • lesson planning
  • reflection and critical thinking
  • other related school and classroom activities and in-school experiences
  • taking part in extra-curricular activities
  • participating in/taking assemblies
  • discussions with University link tutors / mentors

At the end of the School Attachment Experience there will be a period of reflection upon and evaluation of the time spent in school, enabling participants to develop an awareness of positive factors in learning experiences.

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Programme Aims

This programme aims:

  • To enable the participants to design content lesson plans which they will teach in British schools to British school students
  • To enable participants to design materials for classroom use in teaching content lessons in British Primary or Secondary Schools
  • To enable the participants to become informed, reflective, competent professional teachers of content subjects on the British curriculum
  • To further develop participants’ practical teaching skills
  • To enable the participants to become confident teachers in a native-speaker teaching environment
  • To practise language needed to teach content subjects in English
  • To introduce participants to general language used in the classroom where English is the medium of instruction and to specific strategies for classroom management in English
  • To experience at first hand and take part in typical days in British schools
  • To demonstrate the ability to plan lessons which maximise learning
Learning resource centre, Bognor Regis campus

Learning Resource Centre

A range of resources to support you

Our Learning Resources Centre is a whole building dedicated specifically to learning resources, where far from the traditional materials of a library, participants will find resources from and to be used in schools, for every subject and curricular level.

Approaches to Learning

Study in a supportive learning environment

We will use active learning methods, involving practical activities, problem-solving strategies, reflection and developing Critical Thinking strategies.  Our programme will examine examples of good pedagogic practice both in the UK and elsewhere.

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