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Pre-sessional Programme

Pre-sessional Programme 2020: Language and Study Skills for International Students download

Pre-sessional Programme: Language and Study Skills for International Students:

The Programme focuses on the development of University-level academic language and study skills for those planning to undertake degree programmes delivered in English.

Programme Title:

Pre-sessional Programme
Length of Programme

10 weeks (to improve by IELTS 1.0  / min entry IELTS 4.5.)

5 weeks (to improve by IELTS 0.5 / min entry IELTS 5.0)


29 June 2020 (10 week programme)

3 August 2020 (5 week programme)

Finishes 9 September 2020  (both programmes)
Entry requirements

(10 week Programme)

Minimum of 4.5 in all four components (reading, writing, speaking and listening) from a Secure English Language Test (SELT).  

To improve by + 1.0 IELTS band: entry point 4.5 - exit at 5.5 / entry point 5.0 - exit at 6.0 / entry point 5.5 -  exit at 6.5

Entry requirements

(5 week Programme)

Minimum of 5.0 in all four components (reading, writing, speaking and listening) from a Secure English Language Test (SELT).

To improve by + 0.5 IELTS band: entry point 5.0 - exit at 5.5 / entry point 5.5 - exit at 6.0 / entry point 6.0 -  exit at 6.5


£3100 for the 10 week programme

£1550 for the 5 week programme

This fee includes all tuition and assessment.

Please note that charges (approximately £10- £15 per event) for optional activities (evening and weekend events/trips) will apply.

Location for your studies Bognor Regis Campus
Accommodation Arrangements

You will be living in our Stockbridge Student Village (Chichester) during the pre-sessional course.

You will travel to Bognor Regis Campus by bus. The journey takes about 30 minutes one way. Cheap student bus tickets (£0.60 one way) are available from Stockbridge main reception. These tickets can be used on the 700 bus which you can catch from the main bus station in Chichester The bus station (E3 on the map ) is about 5 minute walk from Stockbridge (E2 on the map). See Chichester City map for locations.

Full information on pre-sessional accommodation at Stockbridge Student Village can be found here.

We will automatically allocate you a room once your offer is unconditional. You do not need to do anything to book a room on campus.

If you would prefer to arrange your own accommodation privately please let us know as soon as possible.  We advise you to make the most out of your stay in the UK and live with students who do not share the same first language and culture as you. 

For more information on the pre-sessional accommodation arrangements email

If you need help finding off-campus, private accommodation please contact

Cost of living during the pre-sessional course 

Accommodation in Stockbridge Student Village: £149.49 per week.

Cost of travel between Stockbridge and Bognor Regis Campus (700 bus): £1.20 per day.​

Cost of additional evening and weekend activities: max. £10-15 per trip/event (a full programme of events and activities will be available in June 2020)​

You can find more information on additional costs and living expenses on our website.​

For more information on how to manage your money during your studies, please visit UKCISA and British Council budgeting pages.

If you need any help with budgeting our Money advisers are here to guide you. You can contact them via the Support and Information Zone.

Airport collection

For an additional fee, we can arrange for you to be collected from one of the London-based airports on your arrival.

If you require us to book you a taxi, you must let us know at least 48 hours in advance.  Please note that you must have a contact telephone number so that the taxi company can contact you if there are any problems. Please email us the following details:

  • Flight details, airport, terminal number
  • Number of passengers
  • Number of bags
  • Contact telephone number

A standard sized taxi costs £79 + extra charge for any waiting time and parking charges + 20% value Added Tax (VAT).

We will send you an invoice for the taxi-booking fee once you have registered onto your course.

How to Apply Please complete the EU/International application form and tick the box for the Pre-sessional Programme.
Important Visa Information

Please refer to our Visa Information for Pre-Sessional students document and the visa advice section on our website. If you require further information or individual advice please contact the International Student Advisory Service.

Welcome & Pre-arrival information

We will send you a welcome letter with all the necessary information once your offer is unconditional. This will be in June 2020 for the 10-week course and July 2020 for the 5-week course. 

The welcome information will also be available via the applicant portal.

Our pre-arrival booklet  has been designed to help you with any questions you may have before arriving in the UK. You are also welcome to contact if you have any questions.




Who is the Pre-sessional programme for?

The Programme is open to all those for whom English is not a first or main working language. It is specially tailored for those who intend to study at the University of Chichester and who need to improve academic and language skills by the equivalent of 1.0 or 0.5 of an IELTS grade. Many applicants will already hold an offer to the University which they will fulfil with the exception of the English language (IELTS) requirement. For example:

  • You need to raise your score from IELTS 4.5 or 5.0 to 5.5 to be accepted on a BA degree Programme with International English Studies as a Joint component;
  • You need to raise your score from IELTS 4.5 or 5.0 to 5.5 to be accepted on a Level 6 ‘top-up’  BA degree Programme (International Route)
  • You need to raise your score from IELTS 5.5. to 6.0 to be accepted on a BA degree Programme.

The Programme is also open to you if, for other reasons, you wish to improve your academic language and study skills before beginning a degree programme in the medium of English. Please note, though, that the completion of this Programme does not, in itself, lead to a University award.

What will I gain from the Programme?

  • Personal language development including academic English related to your future degree programme
  • Study skills for working in UK University education
  • Experience of studying a University level module
  • Experience of working with UK University learning & teaching approaches & resources
  • Individual guidance on your progress and personal development strategies
  • Opportunities to work and socialise with those with similar aims from a variety of international backgrounds.

How will I learn?

The Programme is delivered using small group workshops, individual tutorials and guided self and group study. The Programme introduces you to and makes full use of University learning and teaching resources.

It is delivered by a small specialist team of tutors who regularly teach on Chichester undergraduate and graduate programmes and are experienced in working with international students.

How is the Programme organised?

The Programme is based around a minimum of 18 contact hours per week over 5 or 10 weeks (depending on your entry level). Guided groupwork, individual tutorials and assessments are in addition to this time. In order to complete the Programme successfully you will need to devote approximately one additional hour of self-study for each hour you spend in class. The programme is delivered to small groups of students (maximum group size 14).

Here is a sample weekly timetable. Please note that in order to complete the Programme successfully you will  need to put in approximately one additional hour of self-study for each hour you spend in class.

09.30 – 11.00 & 11.30 – 1.00 Language development Academic skills development Language development Language development Academic skills development
2.00 – 3.30 Module: comparative cultures Guided self  study Guided group study Module: comparative cultures Individual tutorials

Teaching takes place Monday – Friday and you are expected to attend all timetabled sessions.

(Please note there is no teaching on Monday 26 August as this is a public holiday).


Will I need to take another IELTS or language examination before the University can confirm my place on my degree programme?

Applicants who have met the general entrance requirements of their programme but who have an IELTS score 1.0 or 0.5 below that required (or equivalent other qualification) may be admitted to the University’s Pre-Sessional Programme. 

Assessment is included within the three main elements of the Programme.

You will need to show, in each element, that, by the end of the Programme, you have reached the level of language competence you need to begin your degree studies at Chichester. Provided this is the case, the University will, on completion of the Programme, confirm your offer for further study.

Should your work not meet the required standards you will be offered guidance and the opportunity to resubmit once.

How does the Programme assess students?

Language development: Listening, reading and writing tasks completed under  examination conditions
Academic skills: Portfolio of written tasks
Module: Individual oral presentation and response to questions

Assessment tasks will be completed from 9 - 11 September.

Who can I ask if I have further questions?

Administrator for Pre-Sessional Programme


Tel: +44 (0)1243 812194

What other support do you offer?

International, Academic & Language Support (IALS) is a free support package for International Students studying for a degree at Chichester.

It offers students whose first language is not English, special help with the development of their English language skills. The free support includes:

  • An orientation programme specially designed for the needs of international students.
  • Social gatherings, excursions and other informal contact with international students.
  • A regular point of contact with a member of staff who can supply answers to your questions about academic life in the UK.
  • A language profiling service so that you, and your department(s), may be advised on the best options for language support*.
  • Individual tutorial support, (up to 3 hours per student per semester), to help you plan, carry out and check assessed work*.
  • English language classes, (if you are not already taking the BA International English Studies programme as part of your studies)*.
  • The use of extra time and bilingual dictionaries in University examinations*.

* Open only to those for whom English is not a first language

For more information: