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Funding for postgraduate students

The postgraduate loan for 2019/20 has been increased to up to £10,609 per student for postgraduate Master’s study, increasing to £10,906 for 2019-20 to courses that begin after 1 August 2019.

Postgraduate Loan (PGL) for Master’s study will be:

  • A contribution towards the costs of study, i.e. it will be at the student’s discretion to use the loan towards fees, maintenance costs or other costs;
  • Non-means tested;
  • Paid directly to the student into a UK bank account.

One and two year full-time courses are eligible for support. Part-time courses are also eligible, and are subject to a minimum 50% intensity requirement. Note that where the student is studying a two year full-time course on a part-time basis, all payments will be made over the first two years of study.

Eligible courses may be taught or research based, and include professional Master’s courses such as MBAs. There are no subject restrictions.

Master’s courses that are currently funded by the undergraduate support system, such as integrated Master’s, will not be eligible for PGL. Neither will other postgraduate qualifications that do not result in a Master’s qualification, such as a Postgraduate Diploma.

Further details regarding personal PGL eligibility and repayments can be found the website.

Applications for postgraduate loans will open in June and can be found here.

Prior to this PGL scheme, students have researched to find funding to support their postgraduate study.  We have provided some websites below that should help you begin your search. 

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