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PhD Supervision

The Institute of Sport offers research supervision in the following subject areas:



Field of Study

Dr Phil Birch PhD

Think aloud protocols in sport; Mental toughness in sport; Psychometric testing.

Dr Sam Blacker PhD

Occupational physiology, sports and exercise nutrition, exercise induced muscle damage

Dr Naomi Datson PhD

Physiology of women’s soccer; Optimising preparation and recovery in team sport athletes; Performance analysis of team sports

Dr Melissa Day PhD

Stress and coping, injury, disability and narrative research methods. 

Dr Sarah Edmunds PhD

Physical activity and wellbeing, physical activity behaviour change, peer support interventions. 

Dr Suzanne Everley  PhD

Children’s experiences of physical education and physical activity

Professor Iain Greenlees PhD

Psychological predictors of sporting performance, Person perception in sport, Confidence. 

Dr Mandy Gault PhD

Aging and exercise, health promotion and exercise

Professor Beverley Hale  PhD

Unusual methods of data analysis for sport. Medical and health statistics.

Dr Chris Hodgson PhD

Psychophysiology and adventure sport

Dr Henriette Hogh PhD

Dyslexia in adults, fluid intelligence and working memory, physical activity and age-related cognitive decline.

Dr Penny Hudson PhD

Gymnastics, biomechanics and sprint performance in both animals and humans

 Dr Jason Lake PhD

Resistance exercise biomechanics, movement asymmetry, and measures of mechanical power output

Professor Mike Lauder PhD

Water-based sports technique analysis, resistance exercise biomechanics, movement asymmetry, and measurement of mechanical power output

Dr Ben Lee PhD

Human adaptation to extreme environments, role of heat shock proteins in insulin resistance and diabetes

Dr Melissa Mantle PhD

Educational research in pedagogical strategies to enhance reflection

Dr Jordan Matthews PhD

Social movements, women, and sport, women’s sport leadership, socio-historical development of women’s, sport

Dr David Muggleton PhD

Subcultures and youth culture, social and oral history of sport and leisure

Professor Steve Myers PhD

Physiological demands of high-speed boat racing and altitude and exercise

Dr Sarah Needham-Bech PhD

Physiological demands of dance, fitness testing methodologies, training and workload monitoring

Dr Julia Potter PhD

Children’s exercise and health and stress physiology

Dr Matt Robins PhD

Performance analysis in sport

Dr Carla Rue PhD

Obesity/Disordered Eating and Physiological Responses to Hypoxia.

Dr Andy Siddall PhD

Physical training, injury risk and physiological employment standards in arduous occupations. Exercise physiology in environmental extremes. Lifestyle factors (smoking, physical activity, sleep) and their effect on chronic disease and injury risk.  

Dr Jenny Smith PhD

Decision making, hazard perception, and perception in relation to expertise. Perceptual training. Measures of and factors influencing cognitive load. 

Dr Marcus Smith PhD

Dehydration and exercise and physiological demands of rock drumming

Dr Neal Smith PhD

Non-linear movement analysis and biomechanics of soccer and racket sports

Dr Alex Twitchen PhD

Sports coaching, coaching development

Professor Mark Willems PhD

Muscle physiology, occupational physiology, ageing and exercise