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PhD Supervision

The Institute of Sport offers research supervision in the following subject areas:



Field of Study

Dr Margaret Boniface  EdD

Lifestyle and autobiographical research in sport and exercise.

Dr Pete Bunyan PhD

Personal growth through adventure; facilitation of adventure experience

Dr Mike Callan PhD

Coach Education and Performance, safeguarding and history of judo

Dr Richard Clements PhD

Cardiovascular physiology and ageing research

Dr Melissa Day PhD

Stress, appraisals and coping in competitive sport

Dr Sarah Gilroy PhD

Sociology and pedagogy of sport and leisure

Dr Iain Greenlees PhD

Social cognition and group dynamics in sport

Dr Suzanne Everley  PhD

Children’s experiences of physical education and physical activity

Dr Beverley Hale  EdD

Applied research methods and statistics in sport and exercise science

Dr Mike Lauder PhD

Hydrodynamics in swimming, sport technique analysis, and weightlifting

Dr Jason Lake PhD

Optimization of resistance training movements 

Dr Ruth Lowry PhD

Physical activity, health and psychological well-being

Professor Terence McMorris  PhD

Perception, motor control and decision making in sport and exercise

David Muggleton PhD

Subcultures and youth culture, social and oral history of sport and leisure

Dr Steve Myers PhD

Physiological demands of high-speed boat racing and altitude and exercise

Simon Northcott MPhil

Sport specific exercise testing

Dr Elizabeth Pike PhD

Risk, injury, health care and ageing

Dr Julia Potter PhD

Children’s exercise and health and stress physiology

Dr Marcus Smith PhD

Dehydration and exercise and physiological demands of rock drumming

Dr Matthew Smith PhD

Person perception in sport

Dr Neal Smith PhD

Non-linear movement analysis and biomechanics of soccer and racket sports

Dr Mark Willems PhD

Muscle physiology, occupational physiology, ageing and exercise